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We will attend you at your home/business and take your instructions in a professional manner. Once we have all your details we will draft your will and further attend you for the signing and witnessing (execution). Save your loved ones from more heartache by having a will in place today.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

We will attend you at your home/business and take your instructions in a professional manner.  We will then draft your particular power of attorney for your signature. Having a LPOA in place today will save a lot of problems in the future should you become incapacitated.

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General Legal Advice

There is a lot of legal advice on the ‘net’ – some of it reliable some of it not so reliable.

We offer reliable legal advice based on the law and it is advice you can count on. 

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Business Employment Advice

From employment contracts to employment statements, from employment holiday pay to employment sick pay – we can assist you get it right at the outset.

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What clients say …

Sue at First Stop Wills and Legal has been a huge help to us at the Old School BBQ Bus. We first met her when she arranged all the contracts and terms of employment for our staff team, which was quite a challenge with people working different hours and needing different contracts. Sue’s knowledge and experience were invaluable and we really couldn’t have done it without her help!

More recently Sue helped us handle a sensitive issue at work which, thanks to her advice, was resolved quickly and positively. She is friendly, professional and takes the time to make sure things are done properly. It has been a pleasure working with her and I would happily recommend her services to anyone!

Mirella Pearce

The Old School BBQ Bus